Table 3.

Association of OPG plasma levels combined with APACHE III or SOFA score and 30-day mortality.

NMortalityHazard ratio95% CI
Low OPG, low APACHE III1137%Reference
High OPG, low APACHE III3225%4.01.5–10.7
Low OPG, High APACHE III7435%5.72.6–12.6
High OPG, High APACHE III6453%10.04.6–21.8
Low OPG, low SOFA score12912%Reference
High OPG, low SOFA score2737%3.61.6–8.1
Low OPG, high SOFA score7625%2.31.2–4.5
High OPG, high SOFA score7541%4.42.4–8.2