Table 1.

Plasma iNOS as a predictor for the onset of sepsis-associated organ dysfunction in ICU patients.

n = 187aHeart, lung, or kidney dysfunctionb
Sensitivity = 88%PPVc = 96%
Specificity = 92%NPVd = 80%
  • a 151 ICU trauma patients and 36 normal healthy individuals.

  • b The assumptions used: mean arterial pressure <70 mmHg or the administration of vasopressors constitutes hemodynamic dysfunction; blood urea nitrogen >20 mg/dL constitutes renal dysfunction; and diagnosis of respiratory failure, mechanical ventilation for >24 h or synchronized intermittent mechanical ventilation with changes in blood gasses and pH constitute pulmonary dysfunction.

  • c Positive predictive value.

  • d Negative predictive value.