Table 3.

Comparison of Magnitor and Cognitor to blood culture detection levels.a

OrganismCell density at the time of test positivity (CFU/mL)
MagnitorCognitorBlood culture
Enterococcus sp.672274.2 × 107
S. aureus18586.0 × 105
K. pneumoniae18521.9 × 108
A. baumannii58702.0 × 108
P. aeruginosa2281.4 × 108
Enterobacter sp.3 (E. aerogenes)132 (E. cloacae)3.2 × 108
E. coli1751.2 × 108
C. albicans292503.1 × 104
  • a Lowest detectable cell density of organisms detected by Magnitor and Cognitor. All cell density values are quoted in CFU/mL, based on total viable counts. For comparison, approximate microbial cell density required to obtain a positive result on BACTEC automated blood culture system (22).