Table 4.

Magnitor time to detection vs blood culture.a

OrganismBottle inoculum (CFU/mL)Magnitor TTD (h:min)Blood culture TTD (h:min)ΔTime
E. faecium1.58:0012:444:44
S. aureus1.52:0012:1010:10
S. aureus0.26:0013:107:10
K. pneumoniae0.46:0013:087:08
A. baumannii0.48:0014:176:17
P. aeruginosa0.54:0017:0513:05
E. cloacae22:0012:4310:43
E. cloacae0.24:0014:0310:03
E. aerogenes0.52:0013:0411:04
E. coli0.16:0012:456:45
C. albicans916:0029:4313:43
C. albicans0.922:0037:2315:23
  • a Comparison of detection time for Magnitor vs blood culture on supplemented blood samples for the ESKAPE pathogen group, E. coli, and C. albicans. All organisms were grown from stationary (overnight) cultures and periodically tested with Magnitor. Simultaneously, matched unsampled bottles were incubated in blood culture. The difference in detection time (ΔTime) is shown. All cell density values, added into the blood culture bottles, are quoted in CFU/mL, based on total viable counts.