Table 1.

CSF antibody test orders.a

TestBefore interventionAfter interventionP valueDifference from before and after per monthCost per test ($)Estimated monthly savings
Average number of test orders per month (SD)RangeMonths of data collectedAverage number of test orders per month (SD)RangeMonths of data collected
Tests with interventionsB. burgdorferi IgG, IgM14.9 (4.7)7–27351.3 (0.8)0–310<0.0113.6151.202056.32
T. gondii IgG, IgM13.5 (4.5)6–23350.9 (1.1)0–310<0.0112.698.001234.80
CMV IgG, IgMb9.0 (4.0)b2–21230.2 (0.9)0–422<0.018.8100.00880.00
Benchmarking testsT. gondii PCR3.6 (2.6)0–11353.6 (2.0)1–810>0.05Monthly total$4171.12
CMV PCR19.7 (4.3)10–292317.6 (6.8)9–3222>0.05Yearly total$50 053.44
  • a Average tests per month for antibody tests and benchmarking tests before and after the intervention are shown. Monthly costs per test are displayed, and an estimated monthly and yearly savings are calculated.

  • b All 4 of these orders were placed via the miscellaneous form in the first month after the intervention. These were discussed with the providers and not performed. There were no further requests for orders.