Table 1.

Properties of t-mAbs being investigated for the treatment of MM.a

DrugCommercial nameTargetDose, mg/kgCmax,b mean μg/mLCmin, mean μg/mLHalf-life, daysLC molecular weight, DaIsotypePhase
DaratumumabDarzlexCD38169155372123380IgG1 κFDA
ElotuzumabEmplicitiCS1/SLAMF710334194N/A23432IgG1 κFDA
RituximabRituxanCD2012.5c430921923035IgG1 κFDA
PembrolizumabKeytrudaPD-11032711725.823744IgG4 κIII
SiltuximabSylvantIL-611308841823210IgG1 κII
MOR202Not assignedCD3816Ongoing studiesOngoing studiesOngoing studiesUnknownIgG1 λI/IIA
IsatuximabNot assignedCD3820Ongoing studiesOngoing studiesOngoing studiesUnknownIgG1 κI/IIA
  • a t-mAbs were selected based on current or prior clinical trials investigating their use in patients with MM.

  • b Cmax, maximum concentration of drug achieved in serum after dosing; Cmin, minimum concentration of drug achieved in serum after dosing.

  • c The highest dose of rituximab is 1000 mg, which was calculated as ∼16 mg/kg based on a worldwide average body weight of 60 kg.